KAPAMILYA RUN 2013 (Cebu) Running

June 16, 2013 4:00 AM


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Jonabel Mansueto (@jonabel.mansueto) shared a story.


Jonabel Mansueto (@jonabel.mansueto) shared a story.


Jonabel Mansueto (@jonabel.mansueto) shared a story.


Jonabel Mansueto (@jonabel.mansueto) shared a story.

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) August 04, 2013, 1:42am

congrats @jonabel.mansueto ! thanks for sharing pics!


Jonabel Mansueto (@jonabel.mansueto) shared a story.

w/ Mr. Leo Lastimosa


Jonabel Mansueto (@jonabel.mansueto) shared a story.


Victor Apacible (@Torvz) shared a story.

Kapamilya Run & Fathers Day 2013

w/ my daughtersI am much overwhelmed at finishing line approaching and embracing my daughters and they both greet me heartily whispering on my ear telling ‘ Pa naa diay mi isulti nimu, ‘Happy Father’s Day ‘ – a heart blooming moments.


Lester Tabada (@lestertabada) shared a story.

Kapamilya Insanity 15k Run!

When it comes to running races there’s really not much that could piss a runner off. In my part I thought I only have two: late gunstart and no courtesy booths. That’s until this weekend’s race in the Kapamilya Run 2013 held in Cebu International Convention Center organized by no other than the ABS-C ... Read More

bai Soy pinalit rasad to nako ang race bib pero with singlet xa 695 akong race bib number gilista man to nila sa ilang papel ang race bib number nako with contact number nako ana sila tawag daw dayon me nila ig monday ato kay ihatag ang singlet kay sa sunday afternoon pman daw maabot ang new stock sa singlet.

Yan' gae gud ko sa imo full name kaw ako ni itawag sa ABS-CBN or PM me sa FB lang. ^_^

@Race Alerts unsa nay update sa singlet?


Ryan Viajedor (@ryan.viajedor) shared a story.


ALL ABOUT FIRST TIME FIRST TIME 25K RUNFIRST TIME PACERFIRST TIME KAPAMILYA RUN This is our first time 25k run, first time we join the kapamilya run, and be a first time pacer. Belle and I maintain our slow pace from km1 – km11 then km11 – finish jog & walk. We didn’t set a target ... Read More

Soybitz Rebojo (@vissueloreobojo) June 22, 2013, 5:55pm

Nice nice yan' nag sunod ra gyud ta ato. hehehe... GoodLuck to the next first time upper mileage napod. Its not about speed man, its about how you've finished the race.

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) June 23, 2013, 3:30am

ehem ehem =)

ilisan lang nimo og red nga tights, pwede na ka ma coach Daang =)

Ryan Viajedor (@ryan.viajedor) June 25, 2013, 2:46pm

thanks bai Soy and maam Rose :D

hello @ryan.viajedor , naa diay in-ani sad nga issue? sige, we'll try to keep in touch with them tomorrow. thanks

unsay update sa mga Singlet nga wala pa nila na hatag? ana rman to sila nga txsan daw sa monday unya wednesday nman karun.... unsa na kaha balak nila or kalimtan nalang to nila kay humana ang race... magmahay jud sila sa umaabot pa nga mga fun run nila kung mao na...

everyone, updated links to albums of pictures of Kapamilya Run 2013 Cebu from @rey.opada =)

@BroArLaN sorry, cannot find yet a list of results for all participants. only for winners.

@Rose Buenconsejo asa pede makita ang full official result sa Kapamilya run 2013?


scout (yojlef) Canada (@scanada2) shared a story.


My Very 1st 25k Run / 7th Running Event

I want to share my 1st ever 25k run i ask myself can i finish this race because i not even try 25k to my practice i reach only 22k before i run 21k in PhilConstruct Visayas Industry Run 2013.My goal is to finish 25k with a sub 2:30 because this is my 1st long run.....Before the race Saturday night i ... Read More

mao, gayaw2x jud ko after nako'g dagan kay naglinya ko mga 4am nya nahutdan nako'g shirt, mao to nisaad nga after sa dagan iclaim na ang shirt, paghuman nako'g dagan wa japon ang shirt. makaulbo na ug kaspa hap..


F. Abella (@fe.timola.abella) shared a story.

F. Abella (@fe.timola.abella) June 29, 2013, 2:50pm

Team IGAT for Kapamilya Run..


F. Abella (@fe.timola.abella) shared a story.

My running mate.

She's the reason why i joined fun runs.. Thanks to you my running mate. Haidee Dindin, i had achieved something that i never thought i could.

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) June 16, 2013, 8:08am

congrats, 1st 25KM na ni?!? kuyawan sad ta ani, basin 250km ang next =)


Eng'r Thez (@engr.thez) shared a story.


walay Klaro

naningkamot mi ug dagan para makatabang sad ta mi sa among kakabus......yes na yes ta kay nasulod sa 3rd as in gihatag na namo ang envlope with the cash prize but sad to say igo ra d ay me gpagunit for minutes human gpasulod dayon me sa back kay kuhaon ang prize for hinabang daw?????!!!!!!! gikuha d ... Read More

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) June 16, 2013, 8:10am

ow sad to hear that =( i hope di mausab sa next kapamilya run or in any other races.


R R Fernandez (@ramonfernandeziii)

I was able to claim my race kit at CICC ganina. Nimata jud tawn ko ug alas 4 para makaabot didto ug 6:00 ug sa dihang pag-abot nako mao pa pagset-up nila kay ang in-charge wa pa naabot. I am giving this run until tomorrow kung worth it ba akong kahago. Ug dili aw buhatan jud ug blog nga makatagam!


R R Fernandez (@ramonfernandeziii)

mao sad akong nadunggan sa akong kaila nga ni-claim...mura sila ug karon ra naka-organize ug fun run...ug mao na i will demand a refund kung dili nila mahatag ang singlet size nako...i asked kung pwede ba with no singlet, niingon sila nga dili pwede so that means they can provide the correct size...di raba ko kibaw muyawyaw, diretso ra ko manumbag...wa nila gi-huna² ang kahimtang sa mga runners nga naa sa layo

@ramonfernandeziii , madugong sugilanon. i was there yesterday, open sila. murag wala sila lain outlet of distribution. naa gali to ga yawyaw didto. contact them here na lang 422-1950 to 54. 1st come 1st serve ra ba, basin XL na lang singlet imo makuha =)


R R Fernandez (@ramonfernandeziii)

I just registered last monday for the 25K race, can I already claim my race kit? I also heard that the race kit distribution will only be up to 6:00 PM. I'm out of the office by 5:00 PM and it's impossible to reach ABS-CBN complex in an hour considering the traffic in Mandaue area. How can I get my race kit?

hello @maev7983 @eljamolo @cherrypielencabo contacted them, they're still accepting registrations until saturday. u can contact them at 422-1950 to 54 =)

ill be in cebu by thursday pa june 13, 2013.. naa pa available slot for 25k? i havent register yet..

Can we still register?


Cherrypie (@cherrypielencabo)

hello...im new here, and a first timer to join the marathon...can i still register?

Race Alerts (@runfest) November 04, 2013, 11:55am

hello, @cherrypielencabo . sorry for the late reply. sure. u can join. u can check here different races http://aktib.ph/events thanks

hello @mlouisego , tomorrow monday, june 10, race kits can be claimed at ABS CBN Jagobiao Complex.

When and where pwede mo claim sa race kit? thanks!

hello @ramonfernandeziii , updated it. thanks. Goodluck to your 2:30 25K! =)


R R Fernandez (@ramonfernandeziii)

any updates on the route?

@eljamolo , we'll see if we can secure a pic of it. thanks

naa mo picture sa medal?

runnr ayala bai. then na change pud ang starting and finish line to park mall.

asa pwd makaparegister ani except sa ABS-CBN Complex


Category Price Registration Date Details
25K PHP450.00 inclusive of race bib, singlet and medal.
15K PHP350.00 inclusive of race bib and singlet.
7K PHP350.00 inclusive of race bib and singlet.
3K PHP300.00 inclusive of race bib and singlet.

Route Info

Starting Line:
CICC, Mandaue City
Finish Line:
CICC, Mandaue City


Again! Let's run Kapamilya! Kita kits sa kadalanan.

DYAB Kapamilya Run Route Maps:
25K and 15k: Download map here>>>

7K and 3K: Download map here>>>